Treadmill Hiking Workout

By Kim Watters, Fitness Manager

hiking_couple_walking-awayIn this workout, you'll build endurance for hiking.  For added conditioning, carry a 10-lb (or more) backpack and wear your hiking boots! The speeds and inclines listed are samples only and are for intermediate exercisers (those who have been exercising for 3 or more months). Increase or decrease the speed according to your fitness level. To determine your exertion level, visit the Perceived Exertion Scale




5 minute warm up

3.0 mph/1% incline

3.0 mph/1% incline

5 minutes

Increase incline 1 increment every minute

3.0 mph/5% incline

1 minutes

Increase incline to 10%

3.0 mph/10% incline

5 minutes

Starting at 10%, reduce incline 1 increment every minute

3.0 mph/5% incline

1.5 minutes

Increase incline every 15 seconds

3.0 mph/12% incline

30 seconds

Remain at above speed/incline

3.0 mph/12% incline

1.5 minutes

Decrease incline every 15 seconds

3.5 mph/1% incline

5 minutes

Speed at 4.0 mph, incline at 1%

4 mph/1% incline

5 minutes cool down

Speed at 2.5, incline 0%

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