Are You Ready to M.E.L.T.?

meltCreated by Sue Hitzmann in 2004, this practice of self treatment is done by utilizing three small balls of different sizes and firmness. What seems like child’s play is actually a very sophisticated way of hydrating your neurofascial system, which results in improved:

  • flexibility and mobility
  • posture
  • exercise effectiveness
  • range of motion
  • sleep and digestion
  • overall well-being

Our bodies are constantly under some type of stress, whether it be emotional, physical or environmental. Unfortunately, our daily worries manifest in the body as tension and create adhesions in our myofascial system. When this occurs, we limit our range of motion or let other muscles take over and create imbalance in our system.

The instructor begins the class by assessing where you are today in your body alignment; then takes you through a 45-minute self-treatment of controlled movement and light Hands-Off Bodywork™ massage techniques. The class ends with a reassessment of body alignment to see how responsive your body really is.


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Benefits of Yoga

yogasnowcanyonWhen incorporating Yoga into your life, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

Yoga Benefits for the Physical Body

  • Increases flexibility.
  • Increases lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons.
  • Massages and stimulates the organs and glands of the body.
  • Detoxifies the body by flushing out toxins.
  • Increases muscle tone and strength.

Yoga Benefits for the Mind & Spirit

  • Reduces stress.
  • Introduces the harmonization of the mind and body.
  • Improves emotional wellness.
  • Improves self esteem.
  • Increases clarity of mind.
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Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

By Kim Watters, Fitness Manager

nordicwalk_1Hiring a personal trainer is just that, it’s personal. You will be spending a lot of one-on-one time with this person, so look for someone you can respect, trust and genuinely like.

Here are some questions to help you get started.

  1. What certifications do you have?
    Some reputable certification associations include the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) and American Council on Exercise (ACE). There is plenty of information online if you choose to research these organizations or any others.
  1. Do you stay up-to-date with what’s new in the fitness industry?
    You will want someone who continues to educate themselves no matter how long they have been a trainer.
  1. What is your training philosophy?
    Look for answers including how they plan to motivate you, and how they assess their clients.
  1. Do you have references from current clients?
    Take the time to contact a few of these clients; talking to just one could be misleading.
  1. Where do you train your clients?
    If you want to train at your gym, at home or outside make sure your trainer can accommodate your needs. Some trainers will expect you to get a membership at their gym and this will be an additional cost to you.

There are a variety of personal trainers available, so whether you want your trainer to be a drill sergeant, nurturer or cheerleader choose wisely. You will depend on them to educate you, motivate you and help you reach your goals.

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Meet Cindy Boyce, Fitness Instructor

CindyBoyceHometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Current town: Santa Clara, Utah

Age: I am the young age of 45.

Birthday: July 23

Favorite color: orange

Favorite sport to watch: I love to watch basketball because it is a fast moving game. I like to watch football as well if it is the Rams and they are winning (which hasn’t been for a very long time).

Favorite fitness activity: I love fitness period, but because I am a dancer by trade if I had to choose, dance would be at the top of my list! Water is a close second!

How long at Red Mountain: I have worked four wonderful years at Red Mountain, and I have loved every minute of it because of the people. The employees and the guests are amazing. It makes my job — if you want to call it a job — the best place to work!

Favorite spa treatment: I love massages! I also love facials. Anytime I get some time to pamper myself, I love to take the opportunity to enjoy a treatment. Red Mountain massage therapists are wonderful—I always try a new massage therapist and each one has their own unique approach which means I never get bored by my treatment.

Favorite fitness class offered at RM: I am a little biased because I believe each class has something to improve overall wellness and fitness. I enjoy a cardio class like Boot Camp or Cross Training Cardio to challenge my overall cardio. I like Total Body Conditioning and Core Classes to improve my strength. If you want deep core and to find a sense of center, Pilates is where it is at! How about a cool way to cross train with resistance in a water class—it is the best! Are you sore and need to regenerate your soul? Stretch, Yoga, Meditation or any Chi class is the ticket for anyone and everyone!! Come dance with us in a Nia, Zumba, Cardio Salsa, or Hip Hop — let’s jam!

Family info? Married? Kids? Pets? I am married to the love of my life, Chad, and we have four beautiful children — Jordan 20, Jessica 17, Jill 14, Jackson 9 and Marshall, our little dog.

Favorite vacation spot:Our favorite vacation spot is Lake Powell. We love to boat, ski, wakeboard and ride the “death tube.” We also have had some great times cruising the Mexican Riviera and going to Disney World.

Favorite thing about working at RM: I have had some great moments at Red Mountain, but I think working with the weight loss guests and seeing how we have changed their lives is the most rewarding.

Favorite food: Salad is my favorite food and Red Mountain has the best salad bar ever. It is always so fresh and has my favorite cider dressing.

Favorite indulgence: My favorite things in life have to include my family, dancing, massages, frozen yogurt and time to myself by a pool.

College? I graduated from Brigham Young University in Dance.

Is there one thing at RM that you haven’t done that you want to? I have not gone horseback riding or Kayaking and have always wanted to try it.

Favorite book or movie that is related to health, wellness or fitness? When it comes to movies I love musicals...the dancing, the can’t get anymore fitness-oriented than that with any other type of movie.

I love to read fitness magazines because they always have some good things I can learn, so I can keep our guests up on the latest and greatest ways to workout.

Favorite quote? “Try a little harder to be a little better.” This is a quote I live by in everything I do!

Anything else you’d like to share? I believe life is worth living. We need to get out and enjoy life to its fullest. In order to do that, we need to take care of our bodies. If we take care of ourselves first, we will be able to manage the world around us better. We will be better parents, spouses, children, friends, neighbors and associates. Life is a Gift and today is the Present — no better time than the present to enjoy the gift we have been given!!

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Get into the Pool: Aqua Workout

By Kim Watters,
Fitness Manager

poolUpper body Conditioning
(1 minute at 80 percent of your maximum effort)

All upper body exercises should be performed with the shoulders under the water. You may have to hinge forward at the hips to keep the shoulders under and maintain balance. This allows the exercise to be completed using the full range of motion at the joint.

One minute of water strengthening exercise is equal to 12 repetitions of land exercise

Bicep Curls
Start with straight elbows and palms up, bend the elbows with power, using the force of the water for resistance. As you straighten your elbow turn you palms inward (slicing the water).

Tricep Press
Start with elbows bent and palms down, straighten elbows with power. As you bend the elbows slice the water leading with the thumbs.

Lat Push Down
Start with arms out to the side in a letter T shape. Push down through the water with power, lining the wrists, elbows and shoulders up in to vertical lines. As you bring your arms up into a letter T shape, slice the water leading with the thumbs.

Deltoid Lift
Start with the arms in vertical lines palms facing in. Lift the arms up towards the surface with power (pushing the water with the back of the hand). Keep the arms and hands under the water. As you bring your arms back into vertical lines, slice the water, leading with the pinky fingers.

Chest Press
Start with one leg forward in a lunge position, and both arms open in a letter T shape, thumbs up. Push both arms forward until the wrists, elbows and shoulder joints line up. As you bring your arms back into the letter T shape slice the water, leading with the pinky fingers.

Upper Back Press
Start with the other leg forward, both arms in front of you, palms facing in (thumbs up) and the arm joints lined up.

Rotator Cuff Push
Bend both elbows at a 90 degree angle and the palms facing each other. Keep the upper arm bones glued to the rib cage. Rotate inwardly from the elbow and then rotate outwardly from the elbow. Alternate the hand that is on top, use power in both directions.

Here is some additional information to help you maintain, and improve upon your water work outs. It was a pleasure working with you, call me if you have any questions. is a good place to find equipment, DVD’s, and music. is a good place to find music and DVD’s
Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) is the group that certifies water instructors.

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Reverse the Aging Process with Resistance Training

By Kim Watters,
Fitness Manager

kimwattersAging is linked to a loss of muscle mass and muscular strength. It’s also associated with impairment in performing some of life’s daily activities. Theories and research are suggesting this age related muscle loss is due to oxidative stress (antioxidants are lower than normal), cell death, inflammation, hormonal dysregulation, inactivity, alternations in protein turnover, and dysfunction of the mitochondria (Melov et al. 2007).

The good news:
Resistance training with older populations has been shown to reverse this aging process

The results:
This study involving 68 year old test subjects revealed that with a resistance training program preformed twice a week for six months it is possible to not only slow the aging process, but actually reverse it at the gene level. (Melov et al. 2007)

The bottom line:
Get started. These changes naturally start to occur around the age of 40 and progressively worsen. Hiring a personal trainer to create a tailored resistance training program is recommended. However, if this is not a possibility, doing some resistance training is far better than doing no resistance training. Start with a few simple exercises than can easily be done at home.

Here are three examples.

  • Push-ups from the kitchen counter: Start with your hands shoulder width apart on the edge of your kitchen counter. Slowly lower your chest (your chest should line up with your hands) and then straighten.
  • Tricep dips off of a chair: Start with the heels of your hands on the edge of a sturdy chair. Slowly bend your elbows to lower your body and then straighten.
  • Squats to sofa height: Start with the legs open about shoulder width apart push your hips back, bend your knees as though you were about to sit on your sofa and then straighten.
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Three Morning Stretches

By Kim Watters,
Fitness Manager

kimwattersBig stretch for the front of the body and the back of the legs

  • While on your back, lengthen your arms (biceps next to your ears), torso and legs (pull your toes towards your shins).
  • Try to put as much space between your hands and your feet as possible.
  • Alternate lengthening one leg farther than the other.
  • Alternate lengthening one arm farther than the other.

Rounding your spine to stretch your back

  • While on your back, put your hands on the back of your thighs, and pull your bent knees towards your chest to round the spine.
  • Press your chin towards your Adam's Apple then lift your head and neck up rounding your upper spine and pressing your forehead towards your knees.


  • While on your back, open your arms out to the side in a letter T-shape (palms up).
  • Bend your knees and slowly lower them to one side.
  • Try to keep your shoulder blades flat.
  • Slowly turn your head the opposite direction.
  • Repeat to the other side. (To intensify this stretch hike both knees up, towards your armpit.)

Inhale as you begin a stretch and exhale as you get into the deepest part of the stretch. Continue with deep slow breathing as you hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.

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Slide & Glide your Thighs into Shape

By Kim Watters,
Fitness Manager

kimwattersThis workout is not only fun but is also a great way to tone your inner thighs. Just get into your cupboard, and get out your picnic supplies. You will need two paper plates (the higher quality paper plate’s work best) and a carpeted floor.

  • Put the plates on a carpeted floor, and then stand on them. The balls of the feet should be towards the center of the plate, and the heels of the feet should be lifted up off the plate.
  • Tighten the abdominals for balance and support.
  • Extend the right leg from the hip joint to your right side, sliding the plate under the foot as the leg extends. The left knee bends to allow the right leg to extend further.
  • Push down into the plate with the ball of the foot; continue to push down as you slide the foot and plate back into the starting position. (8-12 repetitions)
  • Repeat the same exercise with the left leg. (8-12 repetitions)
  • Repeat the same exercise, except this time alternate the legs. (8-12 repetitions)

If it seems too easy, push down harder as you pull your leg in towards the midline, and if it is too difficult push down less. Keep in mind, the harder you push into the plate, the more resistance you will create for yourself. This is your workout; make it what you need it to be.

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