Meet Outdoor Recreation Director John Ibach

johnIbachHometown: Ogden, Utah

Current town: St. George, Utah

Age: 61

Birthday: April 6

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite fitness activity: Road Biking

How long at Red Mountain: 4 years

Favorite fitness class offered at RM: Any class taught by Chrissie Pettigrew.

Favorite thing about working at RM: I always appreciate the positive attitude of team members and our guests and the beautiful location.

If you weren’t in Southern Utah, where would you live? I would live somewhere else in the desert.

Best RM memory: Though I have done it many times, I really enjoy the Zion Bike & Hike Adventure. It is a great day trip.

Favorite food: I really like the vegetarian dishes on the Red Mountain dinner menu.

Favorite indulgence: I read. I love history, and I read it not for finding out what happened but to try and find out why it happened. I also find Bonsai to be relaxing.

Where did you go to college? Utah State University (Logan, Utah)

When you aren’t at work, what do you do for fun? I love to play sports and relax on a long bicycle ride.

Favorite book or movie that is related to health, wellness or fitness: "Breaking Away" inspires me to ride more.

Favorite quote: “How old would you be, if you didn’t know how old you was?” ~ Satchel Page

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