Sagestone Spa introduces the Moroccanoil hair treatment line.

Moroccanoil products include ARGAN OIL: Revered by Berber woman as the “Oil of Beauty,” Argan oil contains essential fatty acids and natural vitamin E to nourish and protect the skin against the damaging action of free radicals. The leaves of the Argan tree contain polyphenols that provide anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits

Argan Oil is produced by co-ops of Berber women — and it is only women who make Argan oil — in Morocco from the fruit of the squat, gnarled Argan trees that grow in the hills above Essaouira.

The nuts, which look like a cross between a walnut and an almond, are picked out of the fruit of the squat, gnarled Argan trees. The nuts destined for salad oil are roasted on an open flame over a large steel drum, like chestnuts, which brings out their distinctive peppery flavor; those that will be used for skin- and hair-care products are left raw.

The women first crack the shells with sharp stones. They then place the kernels between two Flintstone-size slabs of rock, grinding them into a brown paste, which resembles chunky peanut butter. The paste, kneaded by hand to extract the oil, transforms into a solid hunk and is sent to nearby factories, mainly in Agadir, where more oil is extracted by a press. Some is made into soaps, creams and shampoos, but it is the pure oil that is most sought after.

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