Body Wrap at Home

By Marci Howard-May, Spa Services Supervisor

marcichowardmay2Do you love the benefits and relaxation that come from a full body wrap? You can do one yourself at home. You will need to begin with exfoliating your skin so the products will penetrate deeper into your skin and give you better results. You need plastic in some form to create a barrier that will make you sweat, opening your pores so your body can detoxify and absorb the product you have put on. You can use saran wrap, wrapping two to three layers on entire body, two painter’s drop cloths that you would lie between or garbage bags.

Warm a blanket in the dryer. Lay out your layers so you can quickly get cocooned. After exfoliating your skin, apply your product and then quickly get in plastic. Get under your warm layers and wrap into a cocoon for 15-20 minutes. The idea is to sweat, or at least be very warm. Have a spray bottle close and water with a straw to rehydrate. After the wrap time is up, remove your layers. If you chose a mud based product you will want to rinse off any residual product and apply a hydrating cream. If you used an oil based or herbal wrap you will simply rub in the remaining product. It is ideal to then rest for a few hours and drink plenty of water following your wrap so your body can continue to relax and detoxify. 

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