Ways to Cope with Stress

waterfallGet regular vigorous exercise. Relaxed muscles mean relaxed nerves. Choose whatever exercise is realistic for your age and physical condition. Some examples include hiking, biking, walking, golf, tennis, home calisthenics and swimming. Laugh more. Laughter is a good tension breaker. Laugh at yourself so that you do not take yourself seriously. Avoid self-pity. Self-pity is a poor response to situations and usually a waste of time and energy. AVOID LONELINESS. Reach out and take the initiative in finding friendship. Treat people as though they were already your friends. Seek out compatible people. LOVE MORE. Most people need to learn to love people and use things instead of loving things and using people. Don’t be afraid of compromise. In a stressful situation you can either fight, back off, or compromise. You don’t always have to choose to fight or feel defeated if you back off.

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